UniFormat 2010

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UniFormat® 2010 edition is a common elemental classification for the description, economic analysis and management of a building for its life cycle. Elements, often referred to as systems or assemblies, are major components common to most buildings that are identified by the function they perform rather than by the design specification, construction method, or materials used.

UniFormat is most often used by estimators and design teams, who use it as a cost analysis format or arrangement for early project design documentation. Because it breaks a facility into the systems that perform distinct functions – shell, foundation, interiors, etc. -- without naming the specific solutions used to achieve them, it provides a consistent method for tracking and estimating costs and evaluating options even before the design team has finished developing drawings and specifications.

Purchase of UniFormat provides access to the following:

  • Access to the contents of the full UniFormat standard, including added descriptive information for titles and an index
  • A full listing of the UniFormat numbers and titles as an Excel spreadsheet to allow import into software or documentation
  • A transition matrix between CSI/CSC UniFormat 2010 edition, CSI/CSC UniFormat 1998 edition, ASTM E1557, and GSA and NAVFAC versions of the standard

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