MasterFormat 2018

Non-Member - $199.00

MasterFormat® 2018 edition is now available for purchase.

Purchase of the MasterFormat 2018 Edition includes the following downloads:

  • -Full PDF file of the current edition, including additional descriptive information about titles and a keyword index
  • -Numbers & Titles - a simple PDF listing of just the MasterFormat numbers and titles
  • -Transition Matrix - an Excel file giving transition information from previous editions to the 2018 Edition, and listing all 2018 Edition Numbers & Titles

The MasterFormat 2018 Edition replaces all previous editions. It is produced jointly by CSI and Construction Specifications Canada (CSC).


If you need specifications, CSI can help you learn how to use MasterFormat and prepare specs, or help you meet specifiers who can consult with you on your project. Contact CSI at to find a CSI chapter or learn more about CSI's education and certification programs.

If you want to obtain pre-written specifications, the major master guide specification providers in the United States all implement MasterFormat. Each has a library of regularly updated specifications that you can subscribe to. CSI recommends master specifications provided by Building Systems Design.

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