PPDFormat - A Guide for Developing Preliminary Project Descriptions (DOWNLOADABLE)

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PPDFormat™: A Guide to Developing Preliminary Project Descriptions

CSI Standards and Formats that are provided in a digital format are licensed for access by up to 3 users. Site and Enterprise Licenses allow for licensed access by more users, 4-10 in the case of Site Licenses and 11 and over in the case of Enterprise Licenses.

PPDFormat™ provides a recommended format for the organization and presentation of Preliminary Project Descriptions, as well as guidelines for their authoring and use for project documentation.

This guide is intended to assist design professionals in preparing Preliminary Project Descriptions that give an appropriate level of written documentation for Schematic Design phase documents to provide descriptions of the systems and assemblies comprising the project shown in Schematic Design drawings, organized using a standard format.

Note: PPDFormat is a download only product. This download includes a pdf of the full document.

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