Construction Product Representation Practice Guide

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Disclaimer – This is a historical practice guide for reference only. Prior to your purchase, please note that during 2019, CSI will undergo a revise of certification exam materials. This product will not be current for future exams (CCCA, CCS and/or CCPR). The CCCA, CCS and CCPR exams will not be offered in Spring 2019.

The reference on construction product representation--and the essential study aid for the Certified Construction Product Representation (CCPR) Exam

The CSI Practice Guides are a library of comprehensive references specifically and carefully designed for the construction professional. Each book examines important concepts and best practices integral to a particular aspect of the building process.The CSI Construction Product Representation Practice Guide is an authoritative resource for the principles and best practices of effective construction product representation.

This easy-to-follow guide:

* Coverage of the construction process and the roles the construction product representative can play in it

* Information that clients require to select appropriate products to meet project requirements

* The role the product representative plays in an Integrated Product Delivery (IPD) workflow

* Includes access to a password-protected website with bonus content, including PDF of the printed book and copies of CSI format documents, such as UniFormat™ and SectionFormat™/PageFormat™>™--- password to access password-protected website delivered as part of physical Practice Guide

The CSI Construction Product Representation Practice Guideis an essential resource for building product manufactures, sales representatives, and related professionals and valuable study aid to help prepare for the Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPR) Exam.

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